Skagen Connected Falster 2 gets a massive $200 discount on Amazon

Skagen Connected Falster 2 gets a massive $200 discount on Amazon

The Connected Falster 2, one of Skagen’s many Wear OS-powered smartwatches is now cheaper than ever. Although Skagen’s products are far from being among the most expensive on the market, the Connected Falster 2 was priced at $300, which made it quite challenging to sell considering brands like Samsung and Huawei offer similar products in the same price tier.

The good news is Skagen is making it easier than ever to buy a Connected Falster 2 smartwatch if you really want to own one. To put it in context, this particular smartwatch is available in at least six variations, but most are priced at $300.

However, for a limited time, the Stainless Steel model is ridiculously cheap on Amazon. The US retailer offers a huge $200 discount on the Skagen Connected Falster 2 Stainless Steel, so anyone picking this one up during the sale will most certainly get a very good deal.

Skagen Connected Falster 2 is fully compatible with both iPhone and Android smartphones. The smartwatch comes with 512MB storage and features heart rate tracking. It's got built-in GPS for distance tracking and features a swim-proof design. More importantly, you can get notifications and app alerts on the smartwatch, as well as manage your calendar, control music, and download compatible apps.

Source: Phonearena


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