It’s that time of the month; Google releases July Android Security Update

It's that time of the month; Google releases July Android Security Update
(Horns blow loudly) Yes, folks, it is that time of the month. With the first week of July almost complete, Google rolled out the monthly Android Security Update for the Pixel 2, Pixel 3, Pixel 3a and Pixel 4 lines. First, we should point out that there is no Pixel feature drop. These come out quarterly and add new features to the 2017-2019 Pixel models. The June Pixel Feature Drop added soothing sounds in the clock app to help users fall asleep. It also added a Personal Safety app that alerts your pals if you aren’t heard from after a certain amount of time. Lastly, Car Crash Detection made its way to the Pixel 3 handsets from the Pixel 4. As the name suggests, this feature will alert friends and emergency services if the phone detects that you’ve been involved in a fender bender. The next Pixel Feature Drop will be released in September.
According to Google, the following security updates are being sent to the appropriate Pixel phones:
  • Pixel 2 (XL): QQ3A.200705.002
  • Pixel 3 (XL): QQ3A.200705.002
  • Pixel 3a (XL): QQ3A.200705.002
  • Pixel 4 (XL): QQ3A.200705.002
Seven issues were fixed by the security patch this month ranging in vulnerabilities ranked from high to critical. You can update your Pixel by going to Settings > System > Advanced > System update. Tap on the prompt on the bottom right side that reads Check for update. So far though, we’ve been unable to install the update on a Pixel 2 XL.
The July Security Update is also available for the Samsung Galaxy S20 series with build numbers of G981U1UES1ATFB for the Galaxy S20, G986U1UES1ATFB for the Galaxy S20+, and G988U1UES1ATFB for the top-of-the-line Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G.
See ya next month!

Source: Phonearena


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