Don’t use a screen protector on your Galaxy Z Flip

Don’t use a screen protector on your Galaxy Z Flip

Foldable smartphones with flexible screens are all the hype in the technology world, but these devices still suffer from some 1st gen problems. Putting aside the fact that they’re quite expensive, the main issue turns out to be screen durability. The first Galaxy Fold model had a disastrous pre-release experience when many reviewers peeled off the protective layer of the screen, thinking it is just a normal screen protector. This ultimately resulted in the malfunction of the display. Now it seems we have it the other way around, as Samsung advises users not to apply screen protectors on the Galaxy Z Flip.

A Samsung representative told SamMobile: “As outlined in the care instructions included with all Galaxy Z Flip devices, third-party adhesives such as films or stickers should not be adhered to the Galaxy Z Flip screen by customers, doing so could void the warranty.” The statement is quite important, as screen protectors for the Z Flip already appear in many online stores. Applying one to your Galaxy Z Flip may not only void the warranty, but also damage the display.

Adding a screen protector to an expensive phone is a logical choice for most people, though. However, in this case you should protect the screen of the Galaxy Z Flip simply by closing the phone. And, of course, be extra careful when it is unfolded.

Source: Phonearena


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