Deal: Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra can now be had for just $909.99

If you’ve been eyeing Samsung’s still current top dog smartphone, the Galaxy S20 Ultra, but have so far been put off by its price, this is probably the deal for you.

The phone can now be had for just $909.99, down hundreds of dollars from its recommended asking price. You’re getting a brand new unlocked unit for the price, and it even has dual-SIM functionality.

Deal: Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra can now be had for just $909.99

There are, however, two caveats, aside from the fact that you should obviously act fast if you’re interested, as this is a limited time deal. First, this is the international dual-SIM model on offer here, not the one meant for the US market specifically. That means you may be losing out on some 4G or 5G bands that your carrier uses, so make sure you check the compatibility of those before you do the deed.

Secondly, you are ordering from eBay, although it’s from a seller with a stellar track record and 99.7% positive feedback (out of more than 100K reviews).

Source: Gsmarena


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