Spotify might allow users to watch music videos in its app in the future

Spotify might allow users to watch music videos in its app in the future

App developers are always on the lookout for new features they can add. Now, MacRumors reports that the Spotify app may be getting a nice new feature on its “Now Playing” screen some time in the future. Reportedly the app will allow people to watch official music videos of the songs they are listening to. 

Blogger and reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong has found and enabled the video option for Spotify’s “Now Playing” screen. In her tweet, we can see that the future tab interface may give the listener the opportunity to switch between Canvas, Album Art and Video. However, as we can see down below, Spotify has not yet figured out what exactly will be displayed in the Video section.

Presumably, users will be able to watch full music videos on Spotify in a manner similar to YouTube. However, this is not confirmed and we don’t have information when this will be officially implemented by Spotify’s developer team.

Source: Phonearena


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