Best cases for iPad Pro (2020)

Best cases for iPad Pro (2020)

Apple’s newest iPad Pro models are an iteration of the 2018 design — thin, modern-looking, and stylish. They are pretty easy to carry around in your daily life, but they do really benefit a lot from slapping a case on them. For one, it makes them grippier and protects their expensive bodies against random bumps. But tablets also need to be propped up quite often if for both media consumption and different types of work. So, a case is sort of a must.

And all that said — here are some of the best cases and folio covers you can get for your iPad Pro 11 (2020) and iPad Pro 12.9 (2020).

Apple Smart Folio

Apple's Smart Folios may be a bit... expensive, but they certainly are nice. Employing a number of magnets, both inside the iPad Pro and the folio, it snaps on and off the tablet with ease and it just so satisfying to use. Very few 3rd party vendors offer the same experience, which is why the Smart Folio is still among the best cases for your iPad — working as intended with the device. A tri-fold flap on the front will let you prop the iPad up in two different angles — standing or slightly shifted off a flat surface.

Surphy magnetic case

If you find Apple's Smart Folio to be on the expensive side, the Surphy case is basically a copy of that — magnets and tri-fold flap included — for about the third the price. So you save some cash if you are willing to forego the quality guarantee.

Spigen Smart Fold

A fantastic no-frills case, the Spigen Smart Fold looks a lot like Apple's own Smart Folio, but is... much cheaper. It has a 3-fold flap on the front, just like the original, allowing you to prop the iPad up in two different angles. It doesn't attach to the iPad magnetically, though — this one is a case that you must wrap around the iPad, just like in the old cavemen days of pre-2018. But hey, it's cheaper and it's Spigen quality. Also, don't worry about the wrap-around frame, there's a huge cutout that will still allow you to attach and charge your Apple Pen to the iPad Pro.

Zugu Alpha

The Zugu Alpha case is a stylish, folder-like design with a leather finish. It can be propped up in a total of 8 angles and is filled with magnets, which secure the iPad in a standing position. Scratch that, it can even stick to your fridge. A pretty good all-around case, which lends itself for multiple use scenarios and adds a good amount of protection at the cost of some noticeable bulk.

Moshi VersaCover

This one has a pretty cool Origami-looking design. It's a cover with a powerful magnetic flap, which can be folded in three different styles to support your iPad Pro in landscape, portrait, or laying down mode. Its flap magnet is so strong that you can also attach your tablet to vertical metal surfaces, like the fridge. The back portion of the case is not magnetic, it's the "wrap around frame" type. In other words, you have to click the iPad in — classic.

Targus Pro-Tek

OK, it may not be the prettiest case on the block, but this Targus will add some more protection to your fragile iPad Pro. If you happen to be pretty active with the tablet in your backpack, or if you consider yourself a member of the butterfinger clan — maybe consider this option here. Supports landscape and portrait prop-up in a few different angles.

Otterbox Symmetry 360

It may be a bit pricey, but this Otterbox will let you flaunt that Apple logo with a completely transparent back. It should have some of that Otterbox ruggedness to it, too, to withstand an accidental drop. It has a tri-fold flap, which is held in place by a separate magnetic hatch for a more classic look on the front.

Speck Balance Folio

The Speck case has that folder-like design with thicker padding, which adds some more protection to the iPad Pro while still looking sleek and stylish. It even hides the camera behind a magnetic flap, which is pretty neat. At the time of writing this, only the 11-inch model seems to be in stock, but a 12.9-inch version is "coming soon".

Case-Mate Pelican Voyager

Getting into rugged case territory — the Pelican definitely looks... industrial. But it's sturdy and thick, capable of protecting your iPad against more than just the accidental drop on the carpet. It has a built-in kickstand and an Apple Pencil holder since its rugged design doesn't allow for the Pencil to be magnetically attached to the iPad.

Urban Armor Gear UAG

Expanding your choice for rugged cases, here's another popular brand — Urban Armor. Again, a pretty aggressive design, which you can even have in color for some popping looks. It covers the iPad front and back and has military grade rated drop protection. Again, the Apple Pencil is housed separate from the iPad due to the protective case's nature. Propping up is still possible thanks to its dual-fold flap.

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