Amazon has a ton of external storage solutions for Android and iPhones on sale at big discounts

Amazon has a ton of external storage solutions for Android and iPhones on sale at big discounts

The age of portless smartphones is probably upon us, but before Apple decides to follow through on this controversial idea bandied about for several years now, we’re happy to report a bunch of external storage solutions for iPhones, iPads, Android handsets, Macs, and Windows computers are on sale at significant discounts today only on Amazon.

The most popular accessories of this sort are obviously not compatible with “iDevices”, supporting instead the vast majority of the world’s best Android smartphones. Granted, there are also devices like Samsung’s “regular” Galaxy Note 10 variant or Verizon’s special Galaxy S20 5G UW edition that come without a microSD card slot, but for so many other handsets (especially lower-end models), the 256 and 400GB SanDisk Ultra memory cards with adapters included can be a major blessing in times of local digital hoarding crisis.

The two microSD Ultra variants are currently marked down by $13 and $15 respectively, which may not sound earth-shattering but we are talking about incredibly popular and relatively affordable memory cards here normally priced at 45 and 63 bucks respectively with up to 100MB/s transfer read speeds, A1 rated performance, and a 10-year manufacturer warranty included.
If you’re looking to spend even less money ahead of July 4th and can settle for less storage space, the 128GB SanDisk microSDXC UHS-I memory card for the Nintendo Switch system is on sale at a whopping 36 percent discount. Fret not, Android users, as this model is fully compatible with your phone or tablet in addition to the Switch video game console.
Meanwhile, iPhone and iPad owners can opt for a 128GB iXpand Flash Drive Go at a 40 percent markdown to store whatever doesn’t fit locally on their Lightning port-equipped devices. There’s also a USB Type-C alternative to this extremely handy and reasonably priced flash drive, which you can purchase in 128 and 256GB capacities at 31 and 19 percent off their MSRPs of $24.99 and $36.85 respectively with a versatile design including a traditional USB Type-A connector as well.
Amazon and SanDisk also have those in possession of an older Android handset equipped with a microUSB rather than a USB Type-C port covered with a 256GB Ultra Dual Drive M3.0 model at a 20 percent lower than usual price. 
Last but not necessarily least, Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS users can all join hands and snap up the Ibi smart photo manager at a $34 discount to, well, intelligently, securely, and privately manage their photos and videos from all kinds of sources, including cloud and social media accounts. 

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