Apple Watch detected what a resting ECG couldn’t, saved the life of a doctor

Apple Watch detected what a resting ECG couldn't, saved the life of a doctor
Many Apple Watch users credit the wearable for saving their lives and 9to5Mac has shared the story of a doctor who says the same. 

Dr. Donald W Milne of California-based Antelope Valley Hospital is a 66-year-old anesthesiologist with no prior history of heart diseases.  He owns the first generation Apple Watch that theoretically is only capable of detecting atrial fibrillation or irregular heartbeat. However, since Mr. Milne is a doctor, he was able to read further into the interpretation, which made him visit two doctors for a check-up.

When Dr. Milne was working out several months ago, he experienced shortness of breath that didn’t appear normal and this prompted him to take an ECG with his Apple Watch. The readings implied something was off and thus he booked an appointment with his primary care physician. A resting ECG done in her office showed everything was normal but Dr. Milne showed her the tracings which pointed towards ischemia which is a condition related to the inadequate blood supply to an organ or a part of the body. 
Upon seeing the tracing, she referred Dr. Milne to a cardiologist who asked him to have an angiogram done which revealed a critical heart disease. He is now going to have a 5 vessel bypass and aortic valve replacement.
As Dr. Milne points out, without Apple Watch tracing, his disease would have probably gone undetected for a long time and this could have led to a life-threatening heart attack.

Apple Watch Series 6 is expected to have more life-saving features

As mentioned before, this isn’t the first time something like this has happened. Quite recently, the Apple Watch got help for its unconscious owner who had fallen down. Similarly, the Apple Watch alerted a woman to the possibility of her having coronary ischemia when an ECG and blood tests suggested everything is normal.
Reports reveal that the Apple Watch Series 6 will come with even more valuable features, such as blood oxygen level readings and detecting atrial fibrillation as early as possible to prevent strokes.

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