Some Verizon customers will get free Disney+ and Hulu for up to 12 months

Some Verizon customers will get free Disney+ and Hulu for up to 12 months

In an attempt to attract more customers from the competition or simply to convince those undecided to cave it to its charms, Verizon is adding freebies to its internet and TV plans. Starting today, new customers who join Verizon’s Fios service will be eligible for up to 12 months of Hulu for free.

If you’re not aware, Verizon offers three Fios plans, and each of them comes with various perks. For example, the cheapest one that costs $40 per month (200Mbps) offers one year of Disney+, but there’ no free Hulu included.

Those who can afford to pay more may want to take a look at the $60 per month 400Mbps plan, which comes with one year of Disney+ and six months of Hulu for free. Keep in mind that the Disney+ deal was available before, so only the Hulu deal is new.

Last but not least, with the Gigabit Connection $80 plan, new customers will receive one year of Disney+, one year of Hulu, and a Stream TV set-up box ($70 value) for free. Also, free router rental is included in this plan too.

According to Verizon, all Fios plans bundled with Hulu offer access to the platform’s ad-supported plan, not to the more expensive ad-free plan. These deals will be available until September 23, but customers will be able to redeem the trial until December 23. If you’re a returning customer, you are definitely eligible for this promotion.

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