TIDAL introduces two important new listening features

TIDAL introduces two important new listening features

TIDAL’s music streaming service continues to improve with new features almost on a weekly basis. This time around, two new features are making its way to those who chose to subscriber to the music streaming service: Contributor Mix and History Mix.

Contributor Mixes brings TIDAL subscribers a curated selection of contributor playlists based on their listening patterns. The so-called contributor mixes will also be available on select artists’ pages to make it easier to discover new music that you might like. Each mix in this category features multiple contributors as well as different genres.

History Mixes is another new feature introduced by TIDAL, which showcases users’ musical archives with three types of playlists: All Time, Yearly, and Monthly. These history mixes are meant to highlight your most-streamed tracks, as far back as 2018.

As per TIDAL’s statement, the All Time playlists contain a user’s top 200 tracks over the course of their subscription, while the Yearly playlists include just the top 100 tracks over the past year. Finally, the Monthly playlist highlights the top 50 tracks each month. Both features are available to all TIDAL subscribers across the world starting this week.

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