The vivo X50 trio is coming to India soon

vivo’s X50 trio is scheduled to launch in several countries next month after making its debut in China. Actually, the vivo X50 Pro+ is still waiting in the wings, so its global launch may coincide with its launch in China.

Retailers in India published a short teaser video, which promises that the X-series is “coming soon”, without going into specifics. Here it is:

The three phones – the vanilla vivo X50, the X50 Pro and the X50 Pro+ will also be available in Malysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia in addition to India, but we don’t have a launch date that’s more specific than “July”. Not much on pricing either.

In China the vanilla X50 goes for CNY 3,500 (about INR 37,000) while the Pro model is CNY 4,300 (INR 46,000). Of course, it has a one of a kind gimbal stabilization system for its camera, plus a 5x periscope lens, however both use the Snapdragon 765G chipset.

The Pro+ is the flagship of the three, costing CNY 6,000 (INR 64,000), it gets not only the S865 chip but also the large Samsung GN1 sensor with 1.2 µm pixels (there’s no gimbal stabilization for it, though).

Source: Gsmarena


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