The top tech Prime Day deals at Walmart: our expectations

The top tech Prime Day deals at Walmart: our expectations

Prime day was created by Amazon as a sort of Summer Black Friday but this year even that got messed up. Now that it’s almost here, other major retailers are using the hype around it to cash in with discounts on their own. Which, of course, is great of us consumers. Who doesn’t want to save some money and get the gadget they’ve been eyeing for a while or even something you didn’t plan to get until you saw its price reduced. Obviously, that’s what companies are hoping we’ll do, but hey, if at the end of the day you’re happy with your purchase, it’s all good.

Walmart, being the retail giant that it is, doesn’t pass on the Prime day extravaganza and is expected to offer deals on all sorts of tech products. Called “Big Save”, the Walmart event will start on October 11, two days before Amazon Prime day and end October 15, one day after it.

During that time, there will be discounts on products of all sorts, but we’re only interested in tech, so here’s what deals you can expect to see at Walmart based on what was available last year.

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Walmart deals on Apple products

Unfortunately, this year the discount event falls on the same week during which the new iPhone 12 models will be announced, but they won’t go on sale until later this month, so no hope for deals on them. However, that does mean that Walmart will be looking to get rid of iPhone 11 models it has leftover, so we might get $100 or even more off iPhone 11 or 11 Pro/11 Pro Max.

Older iPhones may get even larger discounts, so if you’re eager for an upgrade, next week might be a good time to pull the trigger.

The same goes for Apple Watches as well. The latest Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE will likely get a minimal discount, perhaps $30-$50. Older generations, like the Series 5 and Series 3 could drop down by upwards of $100, if not $200. Keep an eye on the Series 5 specifically, it lacks very few features the Series 6 has but can get significantly cheaper during the sales event.

iPads will also be on the discount table next week, that’s for sure. As with Apple’s smartwatches, its latest iPads won’t be the best deals but still a good opportunity to save some cash if you were planning to get one anyway. On older models, you can easily save upwards of $150, depending on the initial price of the device. iPad Pro models might even drop by $200.

With AirPods, deals will likely be in the range of $30 to $50 off the regular price, which is still a decent saving.

Walmart deals on Samsung products

This year, Samsung’s flagship smartphones have been more expensive than ever. Apart from the new Galaxy S20 FE, the rest are $999 and upwards. The good news is that next week, Walmart will likely slash their prices by at least $200, perhaps even more for the models that cost $1,300 and more like the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and S20 Ultra. If we’re lucky, even the affordable S20 FE might get a slight reduction but don’t expect much.

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab A and Tab S series tablets are sure to get discounts as well. Exactly which models will be discounted and by how much is impossible to tell, but judging by the past, $100-$200 savings are pretty much a guarantee.

$30 to $100 is the range of cash you’ll likely be able to save if you’re looking to buy Galaxy Buds wireless earphones or a new Galaxy Watch. For older models we’re hoping for even better deals.

Walmart deals on Google products

Google’s latest 5G phones, the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G are still fresh out of the oven but it’s not impossible that we’ll see them discounted as well next week. Sure, the reduction will be humble, about $50 or so, but still, better than nothing!

Of course, older Pixels are still to be found in Walmart’s warehouses and it will want to send them to new owners, which means even bigger discounts.

Smart speakers and other smart home devices from the Google Nest line should also be part of the Big Save event, with discounts ranging from $20 on the cheaper devices like the Nest Mini to $100 and up on the ones like the Google Home Max.

Walmart deals on laptops, consoles, TVs and cameras

As usual, TVs are prime suspects for major discounts. Who doesn’t want a huge new TV, right? Don’t be surprised to see some real bargains in Walmart’s TV section where price reductions can easily reach $500 and even $1000 for pricier OLED models, from what we’ve seen last year.

And what goes great with a new TV? A gaming console, of course! Both current XBox and Playstation consoles are set to be replaced by their respective next generations in the coming months, which means it’s sale time for those in stock now. If we see discounts above $100, that would be awesome, but consoles aren’t very expensive to begin with, so the $50-$80 range is more likely.

Laptops vary wildly in prices and that will surely reflect the available discounts. For older high-end models, a drop of $400 or more would be normal, but middle-of-the-pack laptops will likely get around $200 shaved off. Which is nothing to complain about.

And if you’ve always wanted to pick up photography as a hobby, next week might be a great time to do it. Not only because of the pretty Fall colors, but mostly because of the expected deals on cameras, lenses and other equipment.

We don’t know what you have your eyes on, but there’s a good chance it will be discounted next week. For lower-end DSLR cameras we expects discounts around $150, while high-end ones might become a bargain at prices $300-$400 lower than usal.

For lenses, expect savings closer between $50 and $80 but if you’re lucky you might save even more.

Of course, once the real deals are live, we’ll scour through them to pick the best ones and you’ll be able to find them here, so make sure to come back next week!

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