The best Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra cases

The best Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra cases
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Samsung’s latest crown jewel, the Galaxy S20 Ultra, has become the epitome of an Android flagship, something we’ve also noted in our Galaxy S20 Ultra review.

If you’re planning to get one, or you already have, it’s best to have a proper Galaxy S20 Ultra case in which to wrap this bad boy. You can’t risk damaging а $1,400 phone, right? But choosing a case can be a difficult task. The more popular the phone, the more choice you have, to the point that there are so many cases to choose from, having to pick one stresses you out. 
And that’s why we’re here to help. After looking through hundreds of Galaxy S20 ultra cases, we’ve prepared quite a nice lineup: luxury leather cases, tough rubber cases, fancy colorful cases and of course, the most basic silicone ones. After all, some people just need some extra grip and scratch protection without the need to turn their phone into a tank. There’s plenty of style diversity as well, so the chances you’ll find a case you like are pretty high.

Not everyone likes cases, but as we’ve already said, if you’ve spent so much money on this phone, it’s worth spending a bit more to keep it intact. What’s good about the S20 Ultra is that its design isn’t anything to show off, so most of the Galaxy S20 Ultra cases we have listed below actually improve the phone’s looks. The only element worth displaying is the camera bump and its almost impossible to hide even if you’re trying. So don’t worry, whichever case you pick, people will know you’re rocking the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Buy Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra from

Buy Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra from

Below, we’ve gathered the best Galaxy S20 Ultra cases from prominent manufacturers. Of course, starting with Samsung itself.

Best Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra cases

Samsung offers a variety of cases, from simple to gimmicky, but we’ve selected the ones that would suit the needs of most future S20 Ultra users. 

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra S-View Flip Cover

This case with a front cover is perfect if you’re carrying your phone among some extra edgy objects that might leave a mark on its display. Unlike the simpler flap-style cases, this one has a window that lets you see all the important information such as time and notifications at a glance. Thanks to the special always-on mode, you get the feeling that this case and the phone are meant to be together. Because they are.

Buy Galaxy S20 Ultra S-View Flip Cover from

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Leather Cover

The S20 Ultra is an expensive phone but doesn’t exactly give off that vibe. If you feel like people aren’t getting the right idea when they see it, you might want to dress it in a nice, genuine leather case. 

Buy Galaxy S20 Ultra Leather Cover from

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Silicone Cover

Samsung’s silicone cases are a great way not only to add a barrier between the outside world and your phone but also a way to change its color. The Galaxy S20 Ultra comes only in black and gray, pretty boring colors, with these cases you have four other options available.

Buy Galaxy S20 Ultra Silicone Cover from

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Rugged Standing Cover

If you don’t trust puny soft materials like leather and silicone then this is your last resort. This case is tough but still has some character and even comes with built-in kickstands to prop up your phone and enjoy any content hands-free. It’s also the only rugged Galaxy S20 Ultra case coming straight from Samsung, so if you insist on the brand, that’s the one to get.

Buy Galaxy S20 Ultra Rugged Standing Cover from

Best Spigen Galaxy S20 Ultra cases

Spigen makes some of the best third-party cases and for the Galaxy S20 Ultra, the company is betting on its classics.

Spigen Galaxy S20 Ultra Hybrid case

The Ultra Hybrid case for the Galaxy S20 Ultra offers excellent protection from all sides thanks to the patented Air Cushion technology. Even the hefty camera bump is well-protected, so there’s no need to worry when putting it down even if you’re a bit heavy-handed. The case can be either transparent, which lets you slip something between it and the phone for extra customization, or matte black.

Spigen Galaxy S20 Ultra Liquid Air case

This case will fit like a second skin on your Galaxy S20 Ultra. It’s slim but still adds protection and a much-improved grip to your phone. The pattern on the back gives it some character as well so it won’t cheapen your flagship device.

Spigen Galaxy S20 Ultra Tough Armor case

A familiar design most of you have probably seen on other phones in the wild, the Tough Armor case is a Spigen best-seller. The case is made from multiple different materials and has a layer of foam for impact absorption. As an added bonus, this Galaxy S20 Ultra case also has a kickstand for watching videos in landscape mode.

Best OtterBox Galaxy S20 Ultra cases

Otterbox cases are a bit pricier, but hey, if you bought the Galaxy S20 Ultra, cases are not something you should cheapen out on.

OtterBox Galaxy S20 Ultra Symmetry Series Clear case

A somewhat basic clear case with a slim profile and good protection for your Galaxy S20 Ultra’s buttons and cameras.

Otter + Pop Galaxy S20 Ultra Symmetry Series case


Now that’s a product not every case maker has. A protective case with an integrated PopSocket grip. For a phone the size of the Galaxy S20 Ultra, that’s a welcomed addition. If you already have standalone PopSockets, you can swap the grip designs with the one that comes with the case for an extra-personal touch.

Buy the Otter + Pop Symmetry Series case from

OtterBox Galaxy S20 Ultra Defender Series Pro case

This Otterbox rugged case protects your phone not only from drops but germs as well, thanks to its OtterArmor Microbial Defense. The case also comes with a holster, which is kind of like a case for the case. The holster has a belt clip that can also be used as a kickstand for your Galaxy S20 Ultra to enjoy some videos in the downtime between adventures.

Best BodyGuardz Galaxy S20 Ultra cases

For now, BodyGuardz has only a couple of cases for the Galaxy S20 Ultra, both with their Unequal Technology for improved impact protection.

BodyGuardz Galaxy S20 Ultra Ace Pro case


The Ace Pro is a transparent case with a smoky finish that offers a good balance between protection and size. The buttons, cameras and screen of the Galaxy S20 Ultra are all protected by either raised edges or covers.

Buy the BodyGuardz Ace Pro case from

BodyGuardz Galaxy S20 Ultra Harmony case


The Harmony case is a bit fancier with a gradient that goes either from black to fully transparent or pink to blue. Besides that, it’s identical to the Ace Pro in terms of protection, both cases also include a wire mesh that keeps dust or sand from getting into the speakers of the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Buy the BodyGuardz Harmony case from

Best Galaxy S20 Ultra cases on Amazon

Yes, most of the other cases can be found on as well, but in this section we’ll look at an assortment of cases from different manufacturers that have proven themselves to be very popular among Galaxy S20 users.

Ringke Galaxy S20 Ultra Fusion X case

The Fusion X is an agressive-looking case that gives your phone a good protection around the edges while keeping the back transparent. This way, you can enjoy the color of your Galaxy S20 Ultra, as dull as it might be. If you want to spice things up, there’s also one with camouflage on the back.

Case-Mate Galaxy S20 Ultra Tough Groove Iridescent case

Now that’s an eye-catching case! The Tough Groove case gives you something pleasant to look at and your Galaxy S20 Ultra a hefty layer of protection to keep it intact. It’s not the cheapest case but at least it delivers a unique aesthetic to your phone.

Caseology Galaxy S20 Ultra Parallax cases

Caseology’s Parallax series is a good choice if you want to wrap your Galaxy S20 Ultra in style. The muted colors and subtle pattern won’t turn any heads but will show you’ve given your phone some special attention.

RhinoShield Galaxy S20 Ultra Protective Bumper case

As you can tell from the image above, this case only adds a bumper around your phone, which in most cases is enough to keep it safe. Omitting the back allows this case to be lighter, which is not insignificant considering the weight of the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Urban Armor Gear Galaxy S20 Ultra Civilian case

This is an expensive case, but hey, so is your phone! The UAG case promises both top-notch protection and minimum added weight to your Galaxy S20 Ultra, thanks to the premium materials it uses. The design is also pretty cool, especially for a more rugged case.

i-Blason Galaxy S20 Ultra Cosmo Series cases

The Galaxy S20 Ultra is not the most female-friendly phone due to its massive size. But these cases from i-Blason will give the Ultra a fashionable look every woman brave enough to wield it will be happy to showcase. There’s no sacrifice in protection either, the case covers the phone from all sides. 

ZIZO Galaxy S20 Ultra Bolt Series case

This Galaxy S20 Ultra case is also meant for those with very active lifestyles. It has a generous amount of padding for accidental drops and an ergonomic design. That is, if you’re mostly holding the phone in your left hand, as the back is grooved for left-handed use. Still, it’s a good-looking case that will add some character to your S20 Ultra.

Clayco Galaxy S20 Ultra Protective Wallet case

Now here’s something for the business-centered people. This Galaxy S20 Ultra case looks very professional and will not only protect your phone, but hold a couple of credit cards as well. The extra thickness is a bit of a drawback, but at least the phone’s camera is well-protected.

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