Surprise! This LG phone was among the most activated handsets in the U.S. last month

Surprise! This LG phone was among the most activated handsets in the U.S. last month
Late last month, research firm Flurry Analytics revealed that the Apple iPhone 11 was the most activated phone in the U.S. on Christmas Day. In fact, nine of the top 10 activated smartphones stateside on December 25th were Apple devices with the LG K30 budget model at number 10. Today, Flurry has published a list of the top ten phones activated for the entire month of December in the states.

There are some similarities between the Christmas Day list and the list for the whole month. The iPhone 11 was on the top of both lists. For December, it made up 5.7% of all activated handsets followed by the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The latter was responsible for 5.3% of smartphones activated in the U.S. last month. With a market share of 3.5% each, there was a tie for third place between the iPhone 12 and the iPhone XR. The iPhone 12 Pro was the fifth most activated connected handset in the states garnering 2.5% of December activations. That was followed by the iPhone SE (2.2%), iPhone 11 Pro Max (2%), LG Stylo 6 (1.9%), iPhone 8 Plus (1.7%), and the Samsung Galaxy A11 (1.6%).

Flurry pointed out something interesting. The iPhone 12 mini is the only one of the four 2020 iPhone models not to make the list. The research firm blames this on the iPhone SE (2020) which it says cannibalized the iPhone 12 mini. The latter carries a 5.4-inch display and is priced at $699 and up. The iPhone SE (2020) is tagged at $399 giving it a nice price advantage and an even smaller 4.7-inch screen.
During December, Apple was the top smartphone manufacturer in the U.S. with the iPhone making up 46% of phone activations. Samsung was next with 27% followed by LG and its 9% share. The “others” category combined for 17% of December activations.
Speaking of December, year-over-year activations were down 20%. Flurry says, “Overall, December 2020 smartphone activations are down 20% compared to December 2019. We believe the underlying driver is COVID-19 which has increased unemployment, decreased consumer spending, and pushed the bulk of sales transactions online. Limitations on family gatherings may have also dampened gift giving. While overall smartphone adoption was down, a significant volume of devices were still adopted.”
What will the new year bring? Flurry will let us know when it releases the January activation numbers in a few weeks.

Source: Phonearena


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