Samsung introduces a consumer-ready 110″ microLED TV in South Korea

The microLED technology has been around for a while now but its commercialization has proven problematic. Samsung showcased the first microLED TV back in 2018 and we are finally seeing this becoming a reality.

In South Korea, the tech giant introduced a 110-inch microLED TV ready for the consumer. While previous versions of the TV required specialists to assemble different modules, this one comes in a more manageable form factor and form factor that can squeeze in at least some apartments and houses.

Samsung introduces a consumer-ready 110'' microLED TV in South Korea

It also borrows the company’s semiconductor production process to make mass manufacturing easier. In the future, Samsung will be able to shrink down the size of microLED TVs significantly and thus more people can try the outstanding picture quality.

The 110″ TV itself supports 4K resolution, HDR, split-screen view that can stream content from four different sources simultaneously and motion-tracking tech that projects the sound of the moving subject. The pixels should be extra bright and they should easily last a decade before starting to deteriorate.

The TV has been put for pre-registration in South Korea but Samsung plans to bring it to other major markets in Q1 2021. The final price is yet to be announced, though.

Source: Gsmarena


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