OnePlus Buds promise 30 hours of battery life with the charging case

OnePlus just published important details about the upcoming OnePlus Buds but without going all the way and announcing them. The forum post talks about design, usability and battery life. The post claims that the upcoming Buds will have an “industry-leading” battery life.

OnePlus Buds promise 30 hours of battery life with the charging case

The pair should be able to provide continuous listening of around 7 hours while the case itself would be capable of recharging the Buds in no time adding more than 21 hours of non-stop listening. Moreover, the buds themselves won’t be heavy by any means weighing at just 4.6 grams while the case alone will be 36 grams.

And lastly, the post says something about deeper integration with OnePlus phones such as low-latency mode for gaming. This was somehow expected. Even the current OnePlus Bullets Wireless offer fast and effortless pairing with OnePlus phones but besides that, the listening experience is identical to when paired with non-OnePlus phones. A week from now, we will know what other features the new buds will offer.

Source: Gsmarena


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