Instagram rolls out pinned comments to everyone

Instagram rolls out pinned comments to everyone

Pinned comments is a brand-new feature that Instagram started to test back in May, along with others like the option to delete comments in bulk. After two months of testing, Instagram has decided that at least one of these features is ready for primetime.

Starting today, Instagram announced that the ability to pin comments is now making its way to all users on all compatible platforms. It’s a way to encourage Instagram users to highlight positive conversations by pinning multiple comments to the top of the comments section.

In this particular case, Instagram users will be allowed to pin no more than three comments on a post to the top of the thread. The process of pinning a comment is quite simple and involves swiping left to reveal the options for reporting, deleting, and replying. At the left of these options, you’ll notice a red pushpin icon that will allow you to pin that comment.

It’s a feature that many social network services have already implemented, including Twitter and YouTube, so it’s great to see Instagram adding it, especially that it helps users better manage their profiles.

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