Facebook rolling out new notification screen for old news articles

Facebook rolling out new notification screen for old news articles

Facebook announced it’s now rolling out another tool that will help people recognize how relevant a news article is in certain contexts. The new tool will highlight older news articles than 90 days for those who plan to share them on their news feeds.

Along with the context button that was added two years ago, the new notification screen is meant to ensure that Facebook users have the context they need to remain informed, especially before making a decision.

After extensive research, Facebook realized that the timelines of an article is an important piece of context that helps users decide what to read, trust, and, above all else, share with their friends. The new notification screen will pop up when you want to share a news article older than three months, but it will allow you to continue sharing it if you consider that the article is still relevant.

Facebook revealed that it will try to find other uses for notification screens, including for posts with links that mention coronavirus pandemic. It’s a nice small addition that will prevent Facebook users from sharing older articles that are no longer relevant in certain contexts but won’t help with fake and misleading news. Expect to see the new notification screen in the coming days, as Facebook confirmed it has already begun the roll-out.

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