Baby thinks that she’s Amazon’s digital assistant (Video)

Baby thinks that she's Amazon's digital assistant (Video)
Are digital assistants taking over the world? Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon’s Alexa keep appearing on more devices waiting for you to give them a task to do ranging from repeating today’s weather forecast to setting an alarm or turning the thermostat up. Think about the number of times each day you call out “Hey Siri,” or “O.K. Google.” Why, an impressionable baby might get the wrong idea about his/her name.

Would you name your kid Google Assistant?

And according to the New York Post, that’s exactly what happened to 11-month old Emily. Starting when she was five months old, her parents would call “Alexa” to awaken the digital assistant on their Amazon Echo smart speaker. And a video shows the results. While pushing her daughter who is sitting in a stroller, Emily’s mom tries to get her daughter’s attention by calling her name but the baby doesn’t respond. Once the mother calls her Alexa, the baby snaps to attention. Jerking her head quickly, the her gaze is laser-focused on her mother. “No, your name’s Emily, not Alexa,” Mom says.

Back in October, we passed along the results of a test conducted by Perficient which showed that if your life depended on getting a correct answer from your digital helper, Google Assistant is the one you should choose. 90% of the questions thrown at it were answered “fully and correctly.” Siri was correct 70% of the time and Alexa just passed by answering 67% of the questions correctly. But you do see the problem here, right? Who wants to name their kid Google Assistant.

Source: Phonearena


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