Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra tops DxOMark’s rankings

The DxOMark team is done with its review of the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra, granting it the top spot on its chart.

The overall score of 130 breaks down from the record-setting 142 in photo and 106 in video.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra tops DxOMark's rankings

The review goes through the individual performance of each sensor in a variety of conditions (no Night mode tests, though), finding nothing major to complain about. The main and 2x telephoto camera got great results, but it was the ultrawide and 5x periscope that set the Mi 10 Ultra apart.

The ultrawide is the widest DxOMark has tested at 12mm (12.5mm after distortion correction) and outperforms the 13mm ultrawide on the Galaxy S20 Ultra with better detail and lower noise. It also has autofocus, which makes it quite the unicorn at this width.

The Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra has an unmatched camera array with a 48MP main camera with OIS, PDAF and a large 1/32-inch Quad-Bayer sensor, a 12MP 2x optical zoom camera, a 5x optical periscope zoom camera with a large 1/2.0-inch sensor, and a 20MP ultrawide camera with the widest available field of view, large sensor and autofocus. We can’t wait to properly test this phone.

Source: Gsmarena

Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra tops DxOMark's rankings


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