Which foldable phone design do you prefer? Poll results are in!

Which foldable phone design do you prefer? Poll results are in!

Last week we asked you a question about foldable phones: which foldable phone design do you prefer? 

Now that the results are in, we have a big surprise: take a look at the chart below!

Which foldable phone design do you prefer?

Samsung Galaxy Fold type (Give me a big screen that can fold inward)


Huawei Mate X type (It doesn’t matter if it folds outward, it’s gorgeous)


Motorola RAZR type (I prefer a compact clamshell design)


I’m happy with a regular (non-folding) phone


It turns out that the vast majority of people want a big screen foldable similar to the Samsung Galaxy Fold. The first major implementation of the flexible screen technology gets nearly half of all the votes: 47%. Despite all the roadblocks that Samsung faced with review samples and the initial skepticism surrounding the design, the results speak for themselves: people like the Fold. The other three foldable designs in our poll are far behind with almost equal scores – around 17-18%.
We actually expected a bigger score for the Motorola RAZR design, as it represents something rather familiar, but it ended up last with only 16.89% of all votes. All the big companies undoubtedly carried out their own research before investing millions of dollars into those devices, but it seems that Samsung is on the right track with the Fold and the upcoming Galaxy Fold 2. 

Source: Phonearena


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