Weekly poll results: the Asus Zenfone 7 pair is off to a good start

Last week’s poll shows that Asus has a potential hit on its hands with the Zenfone 7 and Zenfone 7 Pro. Over 80% of people cast a positive vote with most of those who voted against did so because Asus took away the 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Of the positive votes, many think that the prices are too high. The vanilla model costs €700 in Europe, the Pro is €800. For comparison, the two previous models (Zenfone 5z and 6) both launched at €500, despite also packing the top Snapdragon chipset of their day.

There are no plans for a North American launch, currently, no word on when the phones will arrive in India either.

Even though the Zenfone 7 Pro is €100 more expensive, it was still the more popular model of the two – it won the popularity race with a 2:1 advantage. It gets the faster Snapdragon 865+ chipset with more RAM/storage as well as OIS for its wide and tele cameras. For many, that completely justifies the €100 premium.

Weekly poll results: the Asus Zenfone 7 pair is off to a good start

By the way, since starting the poll, we completed our review of the Pro model. You can see how it performs against the its gaming sibling, the ROG Phone 3 and the quality of the new camera setup. We also have a video review up.

Source: Gsmarena


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