Waze gets a new brand identity, major visual changes

Waze gets a new brand identity, major visual changes

For the first time in many years, Waze is getting a major visual overhaul. In fact, the changes are so deep that it warranted Waze to advertise it as a “new brand identity.” Everything you see in the app now is brightly colored and .. more funnier.

Each Waze icon has been redesign to reflect not just simplicity and optimism, but also joy. Even the angry emoticons now look kind of joyful due to the color palette and design. No less than 30 emoticons that are used to express your mood have been completely redone to come in line with the new design language.

The main elements of the new brand are based on a grid system, enabling Waze to provide users with more consistency across the board, “from product icons to social posts to email templates.” Waze is calling this “block-by-block system” and you can see in the picture below.

The main reason Waze opted for this system is that it wanted to bring its map built by the community into its designs. Since these blocks come in different shapes and sizes, it offers the best of both worlds: functionality and entertainment. More than 13,000 community members helped shape up Waze’s new brand identity, so it looks like this is a true win for the end-users.

Source: Phonearena


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