Watch these 2020 stand-up comedy specials for free on YouTube

Watch these 2020 stand-up comedy specials for free on YouTube

Most of us are still spending a great deal of time at home, relying on the internet for entertainment among other things. Finding quality entertainment isn’t always easy, with everything that’s out there – Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ and so many other paid streaming services with their respective original content, which often includes stand-up comedy specials.

But there are several talented comedians who have instead published their most recent full-hour stand-up specials on YouTube, for us to enjoy for free. When it’s time to relax and have some non-engaging fun, you can’t go wrong with giving those a watch.

Stand-up comedy specials you can watch right now for free:

  1. Mark Normand: Out To Lunch
  2. Sam Morril: I Got This
  3. Fahim Anwar: There’s No Business Like Show Business
  4. Yannis Pappas: Blowing The Light
  5. Nick Thune: Good Guy

Mark Normand: Out To Lunch

An underrated comedian that definitely deserves more attention, Mark Normand talks about his childhood, drinking and anxiety, and even lightheartedly touches upon social and political topics. He steers clear of getting "too real" like some other comedians, and sticks to his signature calm, effortless delivery.

Sam Morril: I Got This

New York comedian Sam Morril is another hilarious comedian that's hard to come by but even harder to stop watching. In this special, he talks about his odd interactions with all sorts of people, even a self-assigned vigilante that calls himself "The White Knight." Morril's comedy is chill and mostly lighthearted, even if it often veers towards social issues.

Fahim Anwar: There’s No Business Like Show Business

Armed with charm and silly jokes (in a good way), Fahim Anwar's newest special is a must-watch, especially for younger people. With his expressive, lively and youthful delivery, and mostly non-political jokes, Anwar may be the perfect comedian to enjoy when looking to detox from the news.

Yannis Pappas: Blowing The Light

Stand-up comedian Yannis Papas published his comedy special "Blowing The Light" on his YouTube channel in late 2019. On it, the newly-wed comedian talks about his marriage experience and relationships in general.

Nick Thune: Good Guy

Seattle-born comedian and musician Nick Thune's second hour-long special "Good Guy" showcases his fantastic story-telling and situational comedy skills. The main story the special revolves around begins with him getting a free marijuana brownie which his dog accidentally eats, so as you can probably guess, it's quite the ride.

Here's hoping these free stand-up comedy shows will bring joy to your day! If you have a Netflix subscription, you may also enjoy our previous list of hilarious and edgy Netflix stand-up comedy specials.

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