WarnerMedia kills HBO Go app, long live HBO Max

WarnerMedia kills HBO Go app, long live HBO Max

HBO Max was off to a rocky start due to the company’s confusing portfolio. Simply put, there are too many services under the “HBO” tag, which not only confuses customers but also makes them hard to differentiate.

WarnerMedia is aware of the issues created by having three different services called HBO, so it’s taking steps to clarify the confusion. It’s hard to be very successful when you’re trying to do marketing for your services if they’re called HBO, HBO Go, HBO Max, and HBO Now.

So, to make it easier for customers and for its marketing department to distinguish between these services, HBO is cutting down on apps you need to install. After launching its new streaming service HBO Max in May, WarnerMedia group is making some changes to its portfolio.

Up until now, the company offered customers two apps – HBO Now and HBO Go, but that caused some confusion among users. Most of the features offered by these apps were overlapping, so there was really no need for both of them to exist at the same time.

HBO is rectifying that and not only discontinued the HBO Go app, but also rebranded the other one to HBO Max. The Verge reports that although the older HBO Now app has been updated and renamed to HBO Max, it might still be confusing for certain audiences like those with Roku and Amazon Fire TV devices. Since HBO Max is not yet available on these devices, WarnerMedia has decided to rename the app to HBO.

For the time being, the changes mentioned above are only available in the United States, so if you’re living in another country you will not benefit from any of these improvements.

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