vivo X50 Pro with gimbal OIS arrives in global markets next month

At the beginning of this month, vivo unveiled its latest smartphone innovation: a gimbal optical image stabilization system, which the vivo X50 Pro uses for its main camera sensor instead of a traditional OIS system.

The X50 Pro was joined in the spotlight by the vanilla X50 and the X50 Pro+ (although confusingly the latter drops the gimbal-like stabilization despite its name implying it’s a step up in all areas compared to the Pro).

That announcement was in China, for the Chinese market, but if you were patiently waiting to hear about a global release, here’s some good news for you. vivo is going to take the X50 series out of China next month.

vivo X50 Pro with gimbal OIS is headed to global markets next month

That’s everything we know so far – which, admittedly, isn’t much. But expect these handsets to be found wherever vivo already has an official presence outside of its home country. So, in Asia, we will probably see them in – among other places – Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and, of course, India. We’ll give you pricing and availability details once we have them.

Source: Gsmarena


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