vivo with Snapdragon 888 does early Geekbench 5 test

The floodgates are open – Qualcomm unveiled preliminary details about the Snapdragon 888 and a number of companies have confirmed that they are building a phone using the new flagship chip. vivo is among them as evidenced by this Geekbench result.

The vivo V2056A is listed with a “Lahaina” motherboard, which is the code name for the 888 (Qualcomm uses names of locations in Hawaii for the 800 series). The phone packs 12GB of RAM and runs Android 11, nothing too surprising here.

Geekbench 5 result: vivo V2056A with Snapdragon 888

Geekbench 5 result: vivo V2056A with Snapdragon 888

But the benchmark is interesting beyond the confirmation that vivo is building a Snapdragon 888-powered phone. Qualcomm held back some details about the chip during Day 1 of the Snapdragon Tech Summit. Specifically, the CPU core configuration is still unknown – this info should be unveiled today.

This early benchmark is showing a 20% increase in single-core performance over the S865, while multi-core speed shows only a modest gain. Again, this phone is just a prototype, so this is just an early look at performance gains.

GeekBench 5 (single-core)

Higher is better

  • vivo V2056A
  • vivo X50 Pro+
  • vivo iQOO 3 5G

GeekBench 5 (multi-core)

Higher is better

  • vivo V2056A
  • vivo X50 Pro+
  • vivo iQOO 3 5G

Though the CPU is only part of the improvements that Qualcomm worked on for this release. In fact, the Day 1 release mentioned that the 888 brings the “most significant upgrade in Qualcomm Adreno GPU performance”, but unfortunately this is outside of Geekbench’s purview.

Source: Gsmarena


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