Verizon picks up the Samsung Galaxy A21 at a big discount, Galaxy A11 also released

Verizon picks up the Samsung Galaxy A21 at a big discount, Galaxy A11 also released

While exceptionally popular in European and Asian markets for many years now, Samsung’s mid-end Galaxy A-series smartphones haven’t accomplished the same level of success in the US. That was primarily because the company largely avoided the States for some reason when it came to official sales of its non-flagship models, but the availability situation is entirely different this year.

In addition to the upper mid-range Galaxy A71 5G and 4G LTE-only Galaxy A51, the lower-end Galaxy A01, A11, and A21 are also currently up for grabs stateside directly from their manufacturer’s regional e-store, as well as various other authorized retailers and major carriers.

The Galaxy A21, for instance, was very recently released on T-Mobile and Metro with little to no fanfare, and now Verizon has joined the party in similarly discreet fashion. Believe it or not, the 6.5-inch handset is already on sale at a substantial discount through the nation’s top wireless service provider, fetching 130 bucks less than its already extremely reasonable list price of $249.99.

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Naturally, this amazing introductory promotion comes with a couple of strings attached, requiring a new line of service (for both new and existing customers) and involving monthly bill credits for a period of two years. Still, at the end of the day 24 months, you’re looking at spending a measly $120 overall for a sleek mobile device with a trendy hole punch design, octa-core MediaTek processor, 3 gigs of memory, Android 10 software, a large 4,000mAh battery, and no less than four rear-facing cameras.

Buy the Galaxy A11 from Verizon

Verizon has also quietly started selling the Galaxy A11, which is obviously slightly humbler than the A21, with only 2 gigs of RAM in tow, as well as three rear shooters, and a modest Snapdragon 450 SoC under the hood. While the 6.4-incher does sport the same modern design, hefty battery, 32GB storage count, and up-to-date software as its bigger brother, it’s hard to recommend paying more for the inferior phone.

Buy the Galaxy A21 from Samsung

That’s right, the Samsung Galaxy A11 costs $179.99, or $7.49 a month for two years, with no discount available at the time of this writing. By the way, both the A21 and A11 can also be purchased from, where you can save a few bucks with an eligible device trade-in.

Buy the Galaxy A11 from Samsung

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