US Galaxy Note 20 to land with Snapdragon 865+, Note 21 may go straight to a 3nm chipset

US Galaxy Note 20 to land with Snapdragon 865+, Note 21 may go straight to a 3nm chipset

The reason that the Galaxy Note 20 and 20 Ultra launch is so exciting, besides the obvious advantages of having a camera that focuses and the S Pen, is the alleged chipset upgrade, both for the US and the international version.

The US models are expected to ship with the so-called Snapdragon 865+ inside, while the Exynos 992 upgrade in the international version is rumored to land with the new 5nm production node, the same that Apple will use for its A14 processor in the iPhone 12 series.

The upgrade, together with the eventual new HOP display tech, will probably take care of the static 120Hz refresh rate issues that are taking a big toll on the S20 series battery, especially for the Exynos Note 20 models.
For the Note 21, however, or whatever it gets named next year, Samsung may be going straight to the 3nm production node, tips an industry publication out of Taiwan. Instead of having a stopgap 4nm node, like it did with the 8nm Exynos in the S20 series before introducing a 7nm Exynos 990, Samsung is reportedly going to tape out a 3nm chipset directly.
Given that the 3nm node is where Moore’s Law will supposedly cease to be valid, those 3nm chipsets may be with us for a good while, so the processing power and clock frequency wars may start subsiding as soon as Note 21 hits the shelves next year.

Source: Phonearena


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