This week’s best T-Mobile Tuesdays offer never went live, and customers are livid

This week's best T-Mobile Tuesdays offer never went live, and customers are livid

Widely regarded as the best “Un-carrier” move of all time, the T-Mobile Tuesdays program appeared to gradually lose a good chunk of its appeal in recent months, as Magenta understandably had more important things on its plate than, well, constantly putting delicious things on the plates of its customers for free.

But following several rather disappointing post-merger rounds of freebies and discounted goodies, T-Mo made the highly anticipated announcement of the loyalty-rewarding program’s expansion to Sprint subscribers last month. The long overdue expansion came with a series of ambitious promises, including more than $2 million in prizes, bigger than ever fuel discounts, and “delicious eats” available each and every week throughout the summer from high-profile partners like Burger King, Popeyes, and Baskin-Robbins.

Unfortunately, the nation’s leading (and ever-growing) Un-carrier can’t seem to catch a break, botching this week’s drop of special offers and promotions in pretty spectacular fashion just as the T-Mobile Tuesdays brand was getting its mojo back. 

According to an almost obscene number of enraged people across multiple social media platforms including Reddit and Twitter, the Popeyes deal unveiled last week ahead of actual availability today disappeared from the app before going live. That means no one was able to score the promised free chicken sandwich and two pieces of bone-in chicken, which left a lot of T-Mobile and Sprint customers hungry and understandably upset.
For its part, Magenta’s dedicated customer service Twitter channel was quick to acknowledge a “technical issue” of some sort, although the wording of many answers to disgruntled users appears to suggest the free food deal was available for a short while earlier today before “no longer” being offered. As far as we can tell, that’s not true, so T-Mobile might want to clarify that aspect in future public communications on the matter. 
For what it’s worth, the wireless service provider is also (vaguely) vowing to bring back what would have undoubtedly been a very popular offer “soon.” Unfortunately, that doesn’t change the fact that this week’s batch of T-Mobile Tuesdays promotions proved to be a dud. 
Making matters even worse, a (far) smaller number of customers are reporting the 50 percent Omaha Steaks discount also vanished without a trace before actually becoming available. That further adds up to an increasingly miffed user base that recently faced a huge network outage as well. Let’s hope Thursday’s Un-carrier announcement will be able to bring some smiles back to the faces of T-Mobile’s subscribers.

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