The OnePlus Watch launch has been postponed

The OnePlus Watch launch has been postponed

Earlier this month at the OnePlus 8T announcement event, OnePlus teased the release of a smartwatch. Rumors about a OnePlus wearable have been floating around since 2016 and recent leaks pointed towards an unveiling this month, but that isn’t happening.

The OnePlus Watch isn’t coming this month

The latest information received by Max Jambor from ‘multiple sources’ suggests there have been some changes to the launch plan. Specifically, the so-called OnePlus Watch has been postponed and there’s no new release date.

Jambor doesn’t know the reasons for this latest development, but he speculates that there may have been some complications in production or even the software development that OnePlus wants to iron out before launch.

In terms of what can be expected from the OnePlus Watch once it’s release, so far all we know is that it will boast a traditional circular design.

There’s no word on the features just yet, but OnePlus has a close relationship with Qualcomm, so the latest Snapdragon Wear 4100 or 4100+ chip is expected on the inside.

Source: Phonearena


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