The iPhone 12 Pro carrier deliveries slip for late November, but Best Buy still has stock

The iPhone 12 Pro carrier deliveries slip for late November, but Best Buy still has stock

Analysts were warning that, contrary to the popular opinion, it’s the iPhone 12 Pro that is facing unexpected surge in demand, not the cheaper iPhone 12 out of the two early release 2020 iPhones, and those who didn’t believe them may be in for a surprise.

If you have been waiting on the sidelines during the week of iPhone 12 and 12 Pro preorders, waiting to check out the 12 Pro in stores when the carriers release it today, and then decide, you might have to wait longer to actually buy it. A lot longer.

Right now, Verizon lists November 25 as delivery date for the blue iPhone 12 Pro, for instance, and good luck filling in a ZIP code, and waltzing into your nearest store to get one, there’s barely stock in carrier shops, too.



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Alrighty, one might think, will get it from Apple then. Sorry, Apple’s website lists November 13-20 shipment period for your coveted iPhone 12 Pro, regardless of the color, at least for the basic storage amounts and the lowest prices. 
Your best bet to get the iPhone 12 Pro as soon as possible seems to be Best Buy, at least for now, as it lists a “mere” 8 days shipment wait, so you may be able to get the phone next Saturday if you act now. Picking up in a Best Buy store? Why, November 20, we are glad you asked. Apple better hurry and fire up those iPhone 12 series factories on all cylinders.

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