The iPhone 12 5G series battery life may disappoint, as pack sizes leak

The iPhone 12 5G series battery life may disappoint, as pack sizes leak

By now, it’s fairly clear that at least some of the four new iPhone models in fall 2020 – iPhone 12, 12 Max, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max – may ship without a charger in the box. We’d wager to guess that these will be the cheaper iPhone 12 and 12 Max models, as those would’ve otherwise probably shipped with Apple’s pathetic 5W chargers that nobody wants anyway.

On the other hand, Apple is going to offer a brand new 20W charger for those that you will be able to buy separately if you want fast charging, or keep using your good ol’s 5W or 18W bricks that are lurking somewhere in your drawer. 

What was not clear, however, were the battery capacities of the upcoming iPhones that are supposed to be topped up by said chargers, fast or slow. Well, up until today, when MySmartPrice found the supposed packs at the 3C and other certification bodies, revealing the mystery.

Apple iPhone 12, 12 Max, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max battery life and capacity

  • 5.4″ Apple iPhone 12 battery: 2227mAh
  • 6.1″ Apple iPhone 12 Max battery: 2775mAh
  • 6.1″ Apple iPhone 12 Pro battery: 2775mAh
  • 6.7″ Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max battery: 3687mAh
The three capacity models above have appeared under the A2471, A2431, A2466 iPhone battery model numbers, as the two 6.1-inchers might actually share one and the same battery capacity. 
Does that mean that the lowly iPhone 12 Max will have a better battery life than the iPhone 12 Pro? You bet, as the tentatively called 12 Max is actually the true iPhone 11 successor, and will most likely have a lower display resolution than the Pro model. Unfortunately, if these are not due to the difference between the actual and rated capacities, the packs also seem smaller than what’s in the current crop.
Still, the iPhone 12 Max panel will be of the OLED instead of the LCD variety this year, which would squeeze a bit more juice out of the battery pack, especially when showing mixed content. 
Apple is also expected to use a more power-efficient Apple A14 processor built on the novel 5nm production node, so this may offset the smaller battery sizes, too. Here are the alleged iPhone 12 series batteries in flesh and lithium ions.

Source: Phonearena


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