The Galaxy Fold 2 keeps getting hit by delays, might miss Samsung’s next Unpacked event

The Galaxy Fold 2 keeps getting hit by delays, might miss Samsung’s next Unpacked event

This year is every planner’s worst nightmare. Every schedule made around January is now in the dumpster, replaced by an ever-evolving mess of uncertainty. Even Apple couldn’t avoid the effects of the coronavirus pandemic and rumors are popping up that iPhones might be delayed this year.

But we’re here to talk about Samsung and one of its most anticipated products: the Galaxy Fold 2. It’s expected to come with a long list of improvements, making it better than its predecessor in almost every way. A device as complex as a foldable smartphone, however, is more susceptible to delays even in the best conditions, as we saw last year with the release of the original Fold.

Now, it seems that the Galaxy Fold 2 has been pushed further back and we might not even see it announced during Samsung’s August 5 Unpacked event. The information comes from Max Weinbach, a reputable source of leaks and insider information.

According to him, the best we can hope for is a teaser of the Galaxy Fold 2 and potentially a date of its official announcement, sometime either in late September or potentially even early October.

Weinbach explains that the delay is at least partially because of software issues. Samsung is still a long way from validating the final firmware of the Galaxy Fold 2 and testing its carrier compatibility. Apparently, the new Fold is around two months behind schedule right now. The situation is murky on the hardware side as well, as we keep hearing contradicting rumors about what the Galaxy Fold 2 will or won’t have.

If you want to learn more about Samsung’s next foldable phone, check out our dedicated Galaxy Fold 2 page, where we aggregate information from all over the internet.

Source: Phonearena


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