T-Mobile extends and improves its best service deal for both new and existing customers

T-Mobile extends and improves its best service deal for both new and existing customers

T-Mobile is definitely pulling out all the stops to make up for that embarrassing fiasco of an outage last week, as well as convince long-time Sprint subscribers to stick with the “Now Network” a little while longer until Magenta wraps up its integration and migration process.

The killer deals and massive discounts on both popular mobile devices and wireless service are starting to pile up, not to mention all the crazy good freebies and perks both T-Mobile and Sprint customers can score every week simply by downloading an app.

With all of that in mind, you might find it a little hard to believe that T-Mobile’s newest promotion is the best one yet, so instead of making that proclamation, we’ll just call the deal the simplest one to date for now. That’s because pretty much anyone can get in on the fun and claim a free line of service with almost no strings attached and no special conditions.

We’re talking both new and existing T-Mo customers with at least two active voice lines on a qualifying plan ranging from Magenta and Magenta Plus to Business Unlimited, T-Mobile One, T-Mobile One Plus, Essentials, and Simple Choice. In case the promo sounds somewhat familiar, you should know this is basically an extension of a similar offer kicked off a couple of months ago that however limited the access of existing subscribers to only those with a single line of eligible service.
Curiously enough, the killer new deal doesn’t appear to be advertised in any way on the “Un-carrier’s” official website, but the folks over at TmoNews and dozens of Redditors have been able to verify its authenticity and incredibly short list of special requirements and exclusions.
While you cannot get a free line of T-Mobile service on Military, First Responder, Unlimited 55+, and Select Choice plans, everyone else can combine this offer with both previous promos of a similar nature and existing device discounts. So, yeah, if you recently joined the “Un-carrier” with two qualifying lines to get the third one free, your fourth line can now also be added to your account at no extra monthly charge (after bill credits). And on top of everything, you can shave 50 percent off the OnePlus 8 5G or Samsung Galaxy A71 5G list prices as well.

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