Some of Apple’s staff is returning to work at its offices

Some of Apple's staff is returning to work at its offices

With the beginning of next week, June 15, Apple will have some of its employees return to work at its headquarters in Cupertino. According to Bloomberg sources, the company has informed its staff that this will only apply for a small amount of employees, while most won’t have to return to their offices for at least a few more months.

The very limited “phase 1” of bringing Apple employees back to HQ will only allow them in the offices on certain days, depending on the nature of their jobs, as the company wrote in a recent internal memo to its staff, promising more details later through the month.

In the memo, the company has stated that only a limited number of people will be allowed in buildings and other work areas at the same time. Social distancing and mandatory temperature checks will be required everyday. Sources also note that Apple strongly encouraged its staff to take Covid-19 tests provided by it, either at home or on-site, before visiting its headquarters. In addition, face masks will be required at all times, in all of Apple’s offices and campus locations.

As the coronavirus pandemic took over the world, Apple, like many businesses, had to close its retail stores and offices, with some employees continuing to work from home, as long as their position allowed for it. Last month the company began gradually opening its retail stores again, and alternatively introduced Apple Store Online.

Likely thanks to the lockdown, April showed Apple’s strongest growth for its App Store since late 2017, and was the fourth consecutive month of increasing App Store downloads for the Cupertino giant. App Store purchases for the iPad in particular hit a record $2.1 billion in the first quarter of 2020, as people were staying at home, with many relying on apps for work, entertainment and education.

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