Save $100 on the unlocked Motorola One Action on Amazon

Save $100 on the unlocked Motorola One Action on Amazon

Motorola One Action is already a pretty decent mid-range smartphone, but what makes it truly versatile is the fact that it works on all major carriers in the US, regardless of whether they’re using CDMA or GSM networks.

Although it’s been launched about a year ago, it’s still priced at $350. Luckily, the One Action can be purchased for a lot less during sales, so if you’re looking for a not so expensive mid-range Android smartphone that will work on all US carriers, this would be a great option to pursue.

Unlike most Motorola smartphones launched in the US, the One Action doesn’t pack a Qualcomm chipset. Instead, Motorola decided to use Samsung’s Exynos 9609 chipset for this particular device. We’re not saying it’s a bad thing, but rather something … unique.

The Exynos 9609 chipset is paired with 4GB RAM and 128GB expandable storage, while the 6.3-inch full HD+ display features a punch hole 12-megapixel front-facing camera. Also, on the back, there’s a triple-camera setup that includes 12MP+16MP+5MP cameras.

The cherry on the top is the fact that it’s now on sale on Amazon. For a limited time, you can save $100 when you purchase an unlocked Motorola One Action from Amazon, so be quick if you want one.

Source: Phonearena


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