Samsung launches flagship smartphone rental program in Germany

Today Samsung has unveiled a smartphone rental program in Germany, in partnership with Grover. This allows you to rent a Galaxy S20 device for 1/3/6/12 months, and the longer the period you select, the lower your monthly rental fee will be.

For example, if you choose the Galaxy S20 FE, you’ll pay €59.90 for a one-month period, €49.90 per month if you choose a three-month lease, €39.90 per month if you go with a six-month lease, or €29.90 per month for a full year.

Samsung launches flagship smartphone rental program in Germany

The standard Galaxy S20 costs €99.90 / 69.90 / 59.90 / 49.90, while the Galaxy S20+ will set you back €109.90 / 74.90 / 64.90 / 54.90. The S20 Ultra can be rented for €119.90 / 99.90 / 79.90 / 69.90.

Those are all your options for now, although Samsung is apparently working on adding additional devices gradually. The rental service is currently limited to Germany, and it’s unclear whether the company has any plans to expand it to other EU markets.

Source: Gsmarena


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