Samsung Galaxy Watch3 variants and prices detailed

Another extensive leak on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Watch3 was delivered by Evan Blass’ . The prolific leakster has detailed all the versions that the upcoming smartwatch will have.

Samsung Galaxy Watch3 variants and prices leaked

The new bit is that the 45mm model has a total of five variations. The Black color is offered with either black titanium body (Bluetooth only) or stainless steel case (Bluetooth and LTE versions) in Silver or Black. The Black stainless steel option will however only be available on the pricier LTE version.

The 41mm size will be stainless steel only in Silver or Bronze/Gold colors. Both color variations have Bluetooth and LTE configurations.

As for the asking price Evan Blass says that they will range between $400 and $600. It’s probably safe to assume that the LTE and the titanium models will cost more while the 41mm and Bluetooth only alterations will be somewhere in the $400 ballpark.

Source: Gsmarena


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