Samsung Galaxy Note20 to have flat, 60Hz, FHD+ screen

Samsung will be launching a new Note lineup sometime in August, and if a new report is to be believed, the vanilla-flavored Samsung Galaxy Note20’s display will be a significant step down from the Galaxy Note20+, and even a step down from the Galaxy Note10.

Leakster Ice universe on Twitter suggests that the Note20 will have a flat display, with 1080p resolution, and only a 60Hz refresh rate. Given that the whole Galaxy S20 lineup uses 120Hz refresh rate, using an inferior display on the Galaxy Note20 seems like a way for Samsung to push customers to go for the higher-end and more expensive model.

Samsung had a similar strategy last year with the Galaxy Note 10 and Note10+. The regular Note10 had a smaller battery, smaller display with FHD+ resolution, less ram, and it had one less camera than the Note10+. It felt like Samsung was nudging buyers to choose the one with more features. In hindsight, the Note10 at least had curved edges.

Samsung is done with curved edges, as it has shown with the Galaxy S20 lineup. We could confidently speculate that Samsung will do away with them for the upcoming Note series, unless it decides to leave them as a feature exclusive to its most-expensive Note20 model.

Samsung Galaxy Note20 renders
Samsung Galaxy Note20 renders

Samsung Galaxy Note20 renders

The Samsung Galaxy Note20 lineup will be announced at Samsung’s Unpacked event in August, one that’s expected to be held in a livestream. At the event, Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy Note20 lineup along with a Galaxy Fold 2, Z Flip 5G, and possibly a Galaxy Watch 3.

Source: Gsmarena


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