Samsung Galaxy Buds are heavily discounted on eBay

Samsung Galaxy Buds are heavily discounted on eBay

The original Galaxy Buds are crazy cheap now on eBay, so anyone looking for a pair of earphones might want to act quickly since these deals usually disappear very fast. Granted, you don’t get to choose your favorite color, being able to grab a pair of Galaxy Buds for a lot less than $100 makes this a great deal.

As some of you might already know, Samsung still offers the original Galaxy Buds for $130, but there’s one particular eBay seller that heavily undercuts Samsung’s price. For a limited time, anyone can buy the original Galaxy Buds for just $75.

The only downside is that the seller will not ship to all countries. There’s a huge list of locations where these can be shipped, but there are also countries where they can’t be ordered, so make sure to check that out.

One other important thing worth adding is that these are brand-new earphones, unused and unopened, so you’ll be getting them in the original packaging. Up until now, eBay retailer “sobeonlione1” sold more than 85% of the stock, which accounts for nearly 1,400 units, so there aren’t too many left at this price.

Source: Phonearena


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