Samsung Galaxy A51 and A71 latest updates add Galaxy S20 features

Samsung Galaxy A51 and A71 latest updates add Galaxy S20 features

Two of Samsung’s most recent mid-range smartphones that are also available in the United States, the Galaxy A51 and A71 have just received important updates that add several Galaxy S20 features. Many of these features are related to the camera and the way users capture pictures, while other changes involve the sharing of files.

So, if you’re using either of the two Samsung mid-range phones, the latest update will bring a new feature called Single Take, which lets you capture up to ten seconds of footage using capture modes like Live Focus, Smart Crop, video and AI filter simultaneously.

On top of that, Samsung added several Pro Mode options from its Galaxy S20 flagships, such as Manual Focus and Shutter Speed control. Also, Night Hyperlapse and My Filters new features let users create their personal image filter using pictures they have already captured.

Last but not least, a handful of sharing features have been included in the update too. We’re specifically referring to Quick Share and Music Share, which do exactly what their names suggest: lets you instantaneously share pictures, video, and music.

With Quick Share, you get the option to share media in the Gallery immediately to users who are nearby by just tapping a button. Music Share lets multiple users connect to one’s Bluetooth speaker directly via the user’s smartphone. It sounds complicated, but it really isn’t if you follow the step-by-step guide.

Also, there are a couple of Keyboard and Gallery enhancements added that allow users to translate text directly from the keyboard tray, as well as other quality-of-life improvements. One such new feature is Clean View, which lets you group up to 100 pictures shot consecutively into a single bundle to make it easier to view and organize.

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