Realme X50 Pro Android 11 Beta program opens

Realme is preparing for the next-gen Android and has announced that it is recruiting testers for Android 11 on the X50 Pro flagship, as promised last month. The package will be based on Realme UI and won’t come with all stock Android built-in features, and since it is in a very early stage, the company is asking only for experienced developers.

Realme X50 Pro starts recruiting testers for Android 11 Beta

All beta testers will have to flash the ROM of the phone, so people with little to no experience should hold back, Realme said it is way too early for a stable enough user experience. Currently, the automatic timing function is still not working, so manual timing is required. Some system functions are not working and the interface is “less than desirable”.

On top of that, apps may not work properly and the system may have “some stability problems”. If that does not stop you, check if you have the correct model number RMX2076 with the latest Android 10 version RMX2076PU_11.A.25. Realme has provided packages both for the latest OS update and the update to Android 11 Beta 1, as well as rollback steps to Android 10 if people are not satisfied with the experience.

Source: Gsmarena


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