Realme pushes 25,000 Buds Q units on first day of sales

Realme introduced the Buds Q in China in May and launched them in India a month later. Today was the first flash sale of the TWS earbuds, and Realme revealed over 25,000 units were sold on the opening day.

Realme pushes 25,000 Buds Q on sales opening day

The Realme Buds Q come with a 10mm drivers, 20 hours battery life and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. They do have fast wired charging, but no wireless, unlike the Realme Buds Air. According to the company, the latency is just 119 ms, which should be good for gaming, but with their total weight of 35.3 grams (each bud is 3.6 g), they are comfortable for daily usage as well.

The next market for the Buds Q is Europe – Realme will introduce the in-ear wireless buds on July 8 alongside the Realme X50 5G smartphone.

Source: Gsmarena

Realme pushes 25,000 Buds Q on sales opening day


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