Realme 7 Pro in for review

Realme had a big announcement in early September where we saw the arrival of the Realme 7 and Realme 7 Pro smartphones (with a third one, called Realme 7i, joining them this week. We had a quick hands-on with the Pro device after the launch, but now the phone is with us to go through the rigorous testing process.

Once again we have a Mirror Blue variant. It has a neat matte finish where the gradient changes slightly under different lighting. The line is also perfectly aligned with the camera setup, which is a lovely fine detail that many other manufacturers are missing.

Realme 7 Pro in for review

It has four cameras on the back with the 64MP AI Camera writing next to them, giving a bit cheapish vibe.

Realme 7 Pro in for review

Plenty of smartphone manufacturers are dropping the 3.5 mm audio jack from their midrangers, but Realme has decided to stick with it, despite two obvious things – it has a growing amount of wireless earphones in its portfolio and it is not shipping any earphones with this phone at all.

Realme 7 Pro in for review

In the box we have a 65W SuperDart charger with the proprietary cable. Given the lightning-fast performance of other Realme phones we tested with this standard, we expect nothing but impressive speeds – after all, both the Realme X2 Pro and the Realme X50 Pro 5G topped their batteries from 0 to 100% in under 30 minutes.

Realme 7 Pro
Realme 7 Pro

Realme 7 Pro

The Realme 7 Pro is clearly an interesting phone. We have to spend more time with it for our final conclusion, but the specs are looking promising. Stay around for the full review.

Source: Gsmarena


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