Download Anti Relock Mi Account Android 8.0 for Redmi 6A cactus

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Download Anti Relock Mi Account Android 8.0 for Redmi 6A cactus


Anti Relock Mi Account for Android 8.0 and Android 7.0 Redmi 6A cactus

Only use Android 8 and 7

After bypass enable USB Debugging and connect phone with USB Cable

RUN “Anti Relock ArenaFile.bat”


NOTES before flash 

  • First, check your phone model then Download firmware.
  • All of Xiaomi firmware are from the Xiaomi server and fully tested, but ArenaFile has no responsibility for it.
  • Use "fastboot getvar product" command in Fastboot mode To check the phone model.
  • Xiaomi needs to be an Authorized server for flash new models EDL mode.


Install Fastboot Rom

The ext file must be .tgz, Rename it from .gz to .tgz, ( Extract with WinRAR or 7zip ).

Download XiaomiFlash.

Install Driver.

To install ROM in Fastboot mode, make sure your phone is unlocked bootloader.
Hold Power and Volume down to enter Fastboot mode.

To install ROM in EDL mode, You need to use Testpoint for connect the phone to EDL mode 9008.



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