Download Firmware 4 Files Android 6.0 for Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900I Build number G900IDVU1CPK2

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Download Firmware 4 Files Android 6.0 for Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900I Build number G900IDVU1CPK2


  • CSC: G900IKSA1CPK1

NOTES before flash

  • All of samsung firmwares are from the Samsung server and fully tested, but Arenafile has no responsibility for it.
  • Before flash your device, remember and make a note of build number of your device. ( by opening your dialer and typing *#1234# using the keypad.  )
  • If the device hangs on the logo and you don't know your build number, view build number in recovery ( turn off the device and Hold Volume up + Home + Power )
  • In some models you can't install older firmware, so if you want flash your device, try installing a new firmware with higher build number or the same version of your current firmware.
  • "Firmware 1 Files" only update the device and the data will not be deleted.
  • "Firmware 4 Files" are include: AP, BL, CP, CSC.
  • "Firmware 5 Files" are include: AP, BL, CP, CSC, CSC Home, if you don't want erase the data, use "CSC Home" Instead "CSC".
  • Before download the firmware, check the model number in download mode. ( Hold Volume down + Home + Power )

Below is Samsung firmware letter codes to check firmware compatibility


A510F: Model number

XXU: Region

4: RP SWREV number


C=> this letter will be change in "A, B, C, D, ..."

Q=> Year

(J = 2010 - K = 2011 - L = 2012 - M = 2013 - N = 2014 - O = 2015 - P = 2016 - Q = 2017 - R = 2018 - S = 2019)

K=> Month

(A = January - B = February - C = March - D = April - E = May - F = June - G = July - H = August - I = September - J = October - K = November - L = December)

A=> Revision

1=Revision 1
2=Revision 2
3=Revision 3
4=Revision 4
5=Revision 5
6=Revision 6
7=Revision 7
8=Revision 8
9=Revision 9
A=Revision 10
B=Revision 11
C=Revision 12
D=Revision 13
E=Revision 14
F=Revision 15

Installation and use

Download and Install Samsung USB driver for mobile phones.

Download the latest version Odin.

Turn off your device and enter download mode. ( Hold Volume down + Home + Power )

Connect your device to pc and run Odin.

"Firmware 1 Files" choose file in AP Section.

BL (Bootloader): Choose APBOOT or BL file.

AP (PDA): Choose CODE or AP file.

CP (Phone): Choose MODEM or CP file.

CSC: Choose CSC file.


Purchase and download:


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