Plot thickens: LG’s rollable smartphone might actually be called Slide

LG is working on a smartphone with a rollable OLED screen, and this is now expected to launch in March. What it will end up being called, though, seems less clear. Yesterday we told you about a trademark application the Korean company filed for the name LG Rollable, and that seemed to settle this discussion.

However, here’s a plot twist. LG has also filed a similar trademark application with the same European Union Intellectual Property Office for the name LG Slide. You could make an argument that one would have to ‘slide’ the rollable screen in and out when using the phone, so with that stretch (pardon the pun) this makes some sense.

Plot thickens: LG's rollable smartphone might actually be called Slide

Not as much, however, as LG Rollable. It’s easy, it’s descriptive, it’s literal – what more do you need? Let’s also mention, once again, that LG has in the past also asked to trademark names such as The Roll, Double Roll, Dual Roll, Bi-Roll, Roll Canvas, Bendi, Flex, Foldi, and Duplex. If you ask as, all of these are silly, and Rollable is the only one that fits perfectly. Which is your favorite, though?

Plot thickens: LG's rollable smartphone might actually be called Slide

Before we go, let’s just acknowledge that Slide could be an entirely different LG phone, one which… slides out to reveal a second screen? Sort of like the Wing, but with the old ‘slider’ form factor. Maybe we’re just reading way too much into these names, on the other hand. You be the judge.

Source: Gsmarena


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