Phones with fastest wireless charging

Phones with fastest wireless charging

Wireless charging for phones has been around for a while, but with mass adoption in higher end phones, the technology is evolving and we are seeing incredibly fast wireless chargers that often are capable of charging some phones faster than many phones charge with a cable.

In this article, we look at the most popular phones with wireless charging support and what are the differences in wireless charging speeds. We take a look at the technologies behind wireless charging and the different solutions from each company.

Phone makers Huawei and Oppo are currently providing the fastest wireless charging for their phones. Both companies support wireless chargers that give out 40W of power, with claims that they can top up compatible phones in under an hour.

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Phones with fastest wireless charging

iPhones Wireless Charging Explained

Apple introduced wireless charging on the iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8 way back in late 2017, and as is the case with most things Apple does, once it started supporting wireless charging, it brought it to all of the phones it has released ever since.
At the beginning, wireless charging was only possible at slow speeds of 5W, but with the release of iOS 13.1 in September 2019, Apple unlocked 7.5W charging speeds for all of its models. This is considerably slower than most phones in this list, but some may view it as less destructive to batteries as at this rate phones don’t heat up much while charging and long-term battery health is theoretically better preserved.
Recommended charger for iPhones:

Samsung Galaxy Phones Wireless Charging Explained

Samsung is another company that has been supporting wireless charging for a long while and the Galaxy S6 series from 2015 were the first Samsung flagships to come with a wireless charging coil.
The technology has evolved with time and the most recent Samsung phones support wireless charging at rates as high as 15W with a compatible charger.
Recommended charger for Samsung phones:

Google Pixel Phones Wireless Charging Explained

The Google Pixel series have added wireless charging support with the Pixel 3 series and the feature is also available on the Pixel 4 series.
To use the maximum charging speed of 10W you need to splurge $80 for the Google Pixel Stand. At this price, it’s one of the most expensive charging solutions out there, but it does come with a detachable cable and an 18W wall adapter included too.
Interestingly, if you use a Pixel phone with a third-party charger, you won’t be able to get those 10W fast wireless charging speeds, and the phone will charge up at a slower rate. 
Recommended charger for Google Pixel phones:
10W Google Pixel Stand

LG Phones Wireless Charging Explained

LG was one of the very first companies to include wireless charging on its smartphones and it’s been doing it since 2013 with the LG G2 (yes, that was a long time ago!).
More recently, flagship phones in the LG G series, the LG V series and the LG Velvet all support wireless charging via the Qi standard. 
While LG has introduced phones like the V30 saying they do support fast wireless charger, real-life experiences with those older devices have been problematic and it seems that they charge at a real rate of 5W.
Starting with the LG V40 faster wireless charging speeds are possible, and the latest phones like the LG V60 ThinQ support 15W wireless charging speeds.
Recommended charger for LG phones:
LG does not make an official wireless charger, but there are third-party ones we recommend:

OnePlus Wireless Charging Explained

For a long time, OnePlus has not included wireless charging on its phones, but that changed with the launch of the OnePlus 8 Pro.
And wireless charging arrived with a bang on the OnePlus 8 Pro: it uses a proprietary wireless charger that tops up the phone at 30W, much faster than most other phones on the market. It provides a full charge in about an hour and a half, and a 30-minute charge gives you nearly 50% top-up.
There are a few interesting details you should also know about it:

  • If you charge your phone at night, you will have the Bedtime mode enabled by default and when it’s on, the charge rate drops to 10 watts. The slower speeds are likely used to protect long-term battery health
  • The OnePlus wireless charger will be able to charge the phone even through cases as thick as 8mm
  • It has a fan and OnePlus warns that “it’s normal to have slight noise during use”
While we appreciate the speed, this charger is best used on OnePlus phones. It does support the Qi wireless standard but only at speeds of 5W, way slower than most other chargers on the market. Another downside of this charger is that it comes with a non-detachable cable, so you need to always carry it with its own charging brick.
Recommended charger for OnePlus phones:
Warp Charge 30 Wireless Charger

Huawei Wireless Charging Explained

Huawei has been equipping its latest phones with wireless charging and at a certain time it was the industry leader in charging speeds. Most recently, Huawei has made a 40W wireless charger that provides an extremely speedy cordless top up to its P40 Pro and P40 Pro Plus.
Recommended wireless charger for Huawei phones:
SuperCharge Wireless Charging Stand

Xiaomi Wireless Charging Explained

Xiaomi has produced a 30W fast wireless charger that puts it among the fastest cordless chargers out there. The Chinese giant has also mentioned that it is testing 40W wireless charging technology.
Read more about Xiaomi’s wireless charging innovations here
Recommended wireless charger for Xiaomi phones:
Mi 30W Wireless Charger

Oppo Wireless Charging Explained

The Oppo Reno Ace was the first phone to support 65W wired charger, and it also comes with an impressively fast wireless charging too.
The gadget behind that magic is the 40W AirVOOC wireless charger which is horizontal, so the phone has to lay horizontally on it to top up. The wireless charger is equipped with a fan that cools it via a hidden side vent and it helps bring down the temperature to under 39°C while charging the phone.
Oppo says the charger will fully charge the Reno Ace from in under an hour. It is also Qi compatible and provides power of up to 10W when used with other Qi-compatible phones.
At the moment of this writing, there are no Realme phones with support for wireless charging.

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