OnePlus drops its first official teaser for the company’s rookie AirPods-rivaling effort

OnePlus drops its first official teaser for the company's rookie AirPods-rivaling effort

OnePlus is having a challenging year due to the coronavirus pandemic, with the production of the company’s latest flagship handset badly affected by supply chain issues that appear to have harmed bigger smartphone vendors to a smaller extent and the mid-range Nord reportedly delayed for the same reason.

Yet another product initially expected out alongside the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro 5G could ultimately see daylight on July 21, based on recent rumors and a fresh teaser posted on Twitter earlier today. Although the company is keeping things as vague and as nondescript as possible, merely asking its followers for guesses on what might be “next in line” in its family of affordable earphones, you don’t need to be a psychic to anticipate what’s coming and when.

That’s because the first-ever true wireless earbuds from OnePlus have been repeatedly rumored of late as eyeing a July debut in at least two color options. Instead of following Samsung’s suit with a predictable OnePlus Buds moniker, the always unconventional China-based outfit is likely to adopt a bolder OnePlus Pods marketing label destined to draw comparisons with Apple’s industry-leading AirPods lineup.
Of course, that could be the company’s very intention, as the OnePlus Pods are pretty much guaranteed to substantially undercut even the most affordable AirPods model. Unfortunately, mum’s the word on things like active noise cancellation technology, battery life, and other features that may or may not help these bad boys hold their own against the world’s best-selling true wireless earbuds.
Knowing how OnePlus usually operates in anticipation of new product announcements, we fully expect a number of actual features and key selling points to be revealed in the next few days. Until then, we’re glad to at least see the company (indirectly) acknowledge the existence and impending arrival of a fresh pair of earphones following in the footsteps of the respectable but somewhat boring Bullets Wireless Z.

Source: Phonearena


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